Further questions

Does the lifetime of the engine change? With regular servicing and normal use the lifetime of the engine is not compromised at all.

Why is the average consumption changed? The reason for this reduction is the optimum use of the fuel via injection and combustion enabling an optimum charge air pressure of the diesel engines. Moreover, the vehicle achieves the same acceleration with the higher torque at a reduced position of the accelerator.

Can BODC be removed? It can be removed any time without problems.

Are there problems at the MOT or at the compulsory annual test of a car´s emission levels? We programme your vehicle in a way that there are not any problems.

Are there any restrictions? No, there are not. All functions of the vehicle are unaffected.

Does the BODC affect the inspections in garages? There are not any problems. Engine diagnosis as well as error memorization are not affected.

Does BODC affect the operation permit? The BODC includes a limitation of the delivery quantity and it optimises the torque at a lower engine speed range which does not affect the operation permit. A separate expertise is not required.

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